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We offer all our brow and lip services to men as well.If you are a man with thinning brows, Alopecia, scanty brow hair, shape that is undesirable, dark lips, uneven lip tone or just want to enhance your natural lip color, then you are in the right place.



Can be used to improve color

Correct lip discoloration

Neutralize dark lips

Enlarge the lips

Could improve scaring

Create even tone on lips

Improve symmetry/fix imbalances

Create more definition on lip borders

Improve lip texture to cover signs of aging

Boost overall appearance 


Can be used to create more density

Improve symmetry/create balance and evenness

Cover scaring

Boost overall appearance

If you are unsure of what service is best for you, contact us to learn more and send in photos of your brows and/or lips to 469-626-8411 and we'll be happy to help.


Take 3 photos; one straight on, and one from each side of the brow/lip, so we can see each tail of the eyebrow/corner of the lips.

Make sure the photos are:​

1. Makeup free

2. Filter free

3. In natural lighting (daylight)

After we receive your photos, will review them and give you a call to discuss your goals before booking your appointment

If are interested having a treatment done by us, you can book an appointment by clicking the “Book Appointment” button below.

Non virgin brows or lips means that the client has had previous Permanent Makeup (PMU) or Tattoo (eg. Microblading, Nano Blading, Ombré Powder, Lip Blushing, Lip Liner, Dark Lip Neutralization) done elsewhere.


In order to get a correction on your previous PMU/tattoo that was done elsewhere, it will have to be faded by 50% -- 70% that it light enough for us to perform any corrective treatments.

Before booking an appointment, the first step is to send in photos of your current brows or lips to 469-626-8411 with the following instructions:

Take 2 sets with 3 photos in each set; one straight on, and one from each angled side, so we can see each tail of the eyebrow. Make sure the photos are:​

1. Makeup free

2. Filter free

3.Use the camera on the back of the phone (NOT the selfie camera)

5a. 1st set In natural lighting (daylight)

5b. 2nd set with the flash on without natural light 

We will review the photos to determine whether or not we can work with you, discuss your goals and set realistic expectations and book an appointment with you if you qualify for a treatment. 

Contact us to learn more or to book an appointment to have treatment done on your non virgin brows and/or lips today.

eyebrow-transplant-2 (1).png

In order to qualify for touch ups with us, clients are required to have already done an initial treatment with us at The Brows Artist. Touch Ups are done 6 to 8 weeks after the initial treatment.


We only perform touch ups on our work. If you are looking to get a touched up after having a Permanent Makeup or Tattoo done elsewhere, that will fall under the ’Non Virgin - Old PMU' service.

We offer annual touch ups to our clients at discounted rates.​ After 2 years, it will be full price.

Contact us to learn more or book an appointment for your touch up.


I was going for a photo shoot and my brows looked terrible, so I desperately needed to get them done. My friend told me about The Brows Artist, where she got hers done. I booked an appointment and have never been so satisfied. I mean look at my brows. I have referred so many people to them. I love my results.

Frankie Bolder

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